Invisalign / Invisible Braces

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses removable transparent aligners to align the teeth. The aligners are generated with a special 3-D software. They are customized to fit the patient’s teeth exactly.These aligners slowly and safely change the position of the teeth to have a dreamy smile.

Invisalign benefits:Braces

  • Reduction risk of root resorption because the movement of the teeth is controlled by ClinCheck a 3-D software.
  • Before and after it can be previewed in the Clincheck software.
  • Exceptional oral hygiene as aligners can be removed during meals, flossing and brushing teeth. As a result, dental caries are reduced during orthodontic treatment.
  • Excellent aesthetics compared to conventional metal aligners and wire braces.
  • The aligners are clear and invisible, most people do not notice that they are in treatment.
  • They can be temporarily removed on special occasions.
  • Less soft tissue irritation compared to metal aligners.

Invisalign demands the cooperation of the patient. The patient who is in Invisalign must use the retainers 24 hours a day. The aligners are only removed during meals, brushing or flossing.  Aligners that are not used for a period of 4-5 hours will reverse the treatment time to 24 hours. Your last tooth movement may be affected if the aligners are not used properly as directed by the CDG dentists.


  • During your first visit, a bite registration is made and photos are taken. This information is sent to Invisalign to process a 3-dimensional image that predicts the movement of your teeth with the “ClinCheck” software. ClinCheck is an advanced software that calculates the movement of teeth during treatment.
  • On their second visit (usually the ClinCheck result is available in 2-3 weeks), CDG dentists discuss the movement of their teeth and the duration of treatment depends on the number of aligners indicated in ClinCheck. The aligners will then be available in 2 weeks.
  • During their third visit, the two aligners are delivered, their adjustment is verified and patients are instructed. Each aligner is used for two weeks.
  • The patient must return for the monthly adjustment and to receive new aligners.

You need to report with the CDG dentists in the following circumstances:

  • The aligners do not fit in your teeth.
  • The aligners come off.
  • The buttons come off

The success of the treatment requires constant effort and cooperation from the patient. A patient error when cleaning their teeth, or when using the aligners, may result in failure and may prolong the treatment.

Invisalign Braces

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