Commonly known as a duct, is one of the most common dental procedures.  Almost 16 million treatments are performed every year.  By incorporating advanced technologies such as microscope, digital X-ray, Three Dimensional Root Canal Filling System, and Advanced Endodontic Rotary Cleaning System, Coastal Dental Group Dentist can perform root canal treatment at the highest level of success and almost painless.


Root Canal Treatment

Is a process of removing an intense infection or inflammation of the nerve tissue from the roots of a tooth. If left untreated, an intense infection or inflammation of the nerve tissue can cause an abscess.  An abscess may show on an x-ray as a dark or radiolucent spot at the apex of the root.  This is actually the loss of bone in the jaw.  It is very important to treat this problem before it deteriorates.  Microscope provides Coastal Dental Group Dentist with exceptional magnifications and improves lighting at a level of vision unattainable by the normal human eye.  This allows us to locate and find the size of inflammation or infection of nerve tissue.


Benefits of our treatment:

  • Improve the accuracy of microsurgery through augmentation procedures and the ability to use smaller instruments.
  • Less trauma to the tooth structure and better and faster healing without the need for secondary procedures.
  • The ability to see the structure of the root in greater detail.
Surgical Microscope Enhanced Root Canal Treatment

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